Care for long & strong hair

1. Amla : Amla nourishes the hair from root. It helps to make hair thicker.
2. Brahmi : It nourishes the hair and enhances growth.
3. Bhringraj  : It prevents early greying & hair  and prevents hair fall
4. Mehandi : It helps to maintain hair colour
5. Methi Beej : It stimulates the root & the hair and helps to maintain hair colour.
6. Japa pushpa (jaswand) : It helps to maintain hair colour and prevents premature greying & hair
7. Nili Patra : Maintains hair colour & accelerates hair growth
8. Ratanjyot : Maintains hair colour & accelerates hair growth.
9. Kapoor   : It gives cooling effect to the scalp. It also fights infection & scalp
10. Badam tel   : It gives strength to the hair and provides nourishment
11. Kalka of kachura, anantmool, musta, wala   : It pacifies pitta and prevents early greying & hair. It nourishes the hair and enhancess growth.
12. Til Tel   : It strengthens the hair and adds volume to the hair.
13. Coconut Tel   : It gives complete nourishments to the hair and makes hair soft & silky.
1. Dry hair
2. Aloepecia
3. Dandruff
4. Excessive hair fall
5. Split ends
6. Premature graying of hair
2 tablets twice a day after meal / food
1. Intake natural  calcium & iron rich diet
2. Use more milk & milk item
3. Maintain your (pitha) acid level
4. Consume more vitamin c eg. Amla , chavanprash etc.
5. Keep oiling your  hair regularly
1. Don’t keep your hair dry for longer period
2. Avoid harmful chemical dies  & synthetic shampoos
3. Avoid rubbing your hair harshly after hair wash
3. Avoid spicey diet  ( maintain your acidity level)