Metaboliser + Fat Burn

Obenay corrects metabolism & breaks down accumulated excess fats. It corrects digestion, regulates bowl habit & initiates elimination of toxic substances. Obenay gradually helps lose excess fat around mid & lower trunk also promotes good health & brooming vitality.
1. Navak Gugal : It contain & essential anti-obesity herbs which help in scraping excess fat in the body.
2. Kokum Phal Ext : It helps to reduce conversion & carbohydrates into fats.
3. Shilajit Ext : It helps to cut excess fat in the body. ( cheddan proverty).
4. Lahsuna Ext  : It has anti-cholesterol effect, it is also cardio-protective.
5. Loha Bhasma : Apart from the haematinic property has scraping quality and is therefore useful in cardiovescular divorders
6. Musta Ext  : It reduces subcutaneous fat deposition.
7. Kutki Ext  : Root contains powerful glycosides that help to lower cholesterol.
8. Chitrak Ext : It restores digestive system
9. Apamarg Kshar : It maintains appetite and satiety rhythm between 2 meals. It also reduces the urge for unnecessary food.
1. Obesity
2. hyperlipidaemia
3. anaemia in obese & post delivery obesity
2 tablets twice a day , before meal with look warm water.
1. Drink plenty of water
2. Mild to moderate excersise
3. Eat more leafy vegitables
4. Brisk walking
1. Avoid fried foods/ junk food
2. Sweet should be avoided
3. Avoid sleep immediate after dinner