The Effective Sugar Controller

A unique herbal solution for diabetes that controls elevated blood sugar levels. Naymadhu regulates glucose homeostasis also regulates hepatic & skeletal muscle glycogen content. Protects pancreatic cells from oxidative stress. Stimutes beta cells to enhance insulin secretion. Nay madhu stimulates body metabolism & minimizes diabetes related co-morbid states.
1. Shuddha shilajit ext : It helps to enhance functions of pancreas and metabolize blood glucose level .
2. Jamun seed ext : Glycoside in the seed blocks the conversion & starch into sugar and thus reduces the raised blood sugar level.
3. Methi ext : It slows down the rate of sugar absorphion in blood. It also stimulates production & insulin.
4. Korphad Ext: It has anti-inflammatory property and helps to protect pancreatic cell from oxidative stress.
5. Triphla Ext   : It stimulates  pancreas which secrete insulin necessary for sugar metabolism.
6. Vijay sar Ext  : It contains significant blood glucose lowering compounds it posses anti-oxidant properly and helps to lower blood cholestrol.
7. Daru haridra Ext : It is a powerful blood purifier and allievates excessive thirst in diabetes.
8. Jasad bhasma : It has potent anti-diabetic properly.
9. Gudmar Ext : It helps to decrease sugar cravings and neutralises excessive blood sugar.
1. Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (niddm) as a single or adjuvant to oha
2. Diabetisc complication like diabetic neuropathy.
3. nephropathy.
4. retinopathy & peripheral vascular diseases.
tablets twice a day after meal / food
1. Balance diet
2. Mild to moderate excercise
3. Keep your body active
4. Eat food regular intervals
1. Don’t eat excess food at a time
2. Don’t sleep immediate after meal
3. Avoid excess sugar / sweet intake
4. Avoid outside food ( spicy & oily )