Herbal liver rejuvnator

A unique herbal solution for liver protection. Nay liv eliminates toxic substances, relives constipation, corrects gastric problem. Nay liv improves appetite digestion, assimilation, hyper emesis. Nay liv protects liver against toxic effects of antibiotics & anti t.b. drugs.

1. Kalmegh Ext : It is liver tonic. It also acts as blood purifier .
2. Kutki Ext : It supports liver functioning and normalises liver enzymes.
3. Bhuiamla Ext : It is anti-bacterial, anti- hepatotoxic and anti-inflammatory drug.
4. Kumari Ext : It is a appetite stimulant. It also stimulates digestive system.
5. Punarnava Ext : It is a potent diurtic  and anti-microbial agent.
6. Guduchi Ext : It is proven ayurvedic rasayan, natural immunostimulant it strengthens restistance to delay disease process.
7. Kirattikta : It purifies blood and enhances functioning of  liver and digestive system.
8. Daruharidra: It is hepatoprotective drug.
9. Trikatu Ext : It is combination 3 herbs- sunth, marich, pippali. It stimulates digestive juices and increase the appetite.
1. hepatitis
2. jaundice, liver cirrhosis
3. fatty liver
4. adjuvant to anti t.b. drug.
2 tablets twice a day after meal / food
1. Drink plenty of water
2. Prefer liquid diet
3. Always take fresh food
4. Increase fruits & vegitables in yours diet
1. Avoid strictly consuming alcohol / smoking
2. Avoid street foods
3. Avoid strictly spicy & oily foods
4. Avoid high calorie foods