Controls Bleeding, Non Bleeding Piles

Kularsh tablets are specially prepared to treat piles. It relives portal hypertension which reduces engorgement & turgidity of the veins. It reduces inflammation & promote healing process in mucus membrane. The soothing action of kularsh helps smooth evacuation & corrects chronic constipation associated with piles due to laxative action kularsh relives pain & controls bleeding.

1. Arshkuthar ras : It helps to improve digestion which is the root cause & piles.
2. Suran kand churna : It has analgesic and antibacterial activity.
3. Nishotar Ext : It has mild purgation property due to which it is used in pile.
4. Bahava magaj Ext: It is sweet laxative. It has marked anti-bacterial property which helps to fight infections.
5. Nagkeshar Ext  : It is astringent due to which it acts as a haemostatic agent and helps to shop bleeding in piles.
6. Pahad mool churna  : It is anti-inflammatory drug. It is also haemostatic.
7. Triphla churna : It is well known laxative and helps to reduce constipation in piles.
1. Internal and External piles
2. Bleeding piles & constipation.
2 tablets twice a day after meal / food
1. Consume balance diet
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Increase in fiber rich diet
4. Minimum 30 minute
5. Brisk walking in a day
6. While eating chew your food properly
1. Don’t eat spicy food
2. Avoid oily items
3. Don’t sit immediately on chair after meal
3. Avoid straining while evacuating
3. Avoid excessive  intake of bakery food eg. Bread, maida etc.